Bathroom Counter Top

As we all know, sometimes a picture speaks louder than words. Browse through our online portfolio detailing the granite countertops we’ve installed in Houston and surrounding communities. We’re confident that you’ll be inspired! Granite countertops make any kitchen or bathroom look like a featured room in an architectural magazine! As you browse through these images, imagine the immediate transformation and luxurious impact adding granite will add to your kitchen or bathroom.
Houston Granite Kitchen Countertops
Gorgeous, aren’t they? Notice how sleek a high-polished granite countertop looks. The smooth lines and overall warmth exuded are no accident. Our designers and craftsmen know how to work with stone and enhance the stone to perfection!

Houston Granite Vanities and Other Surfaces

Granite countertops aren’t relegated strictly to the kitchen. Granite is also a popular choice in the bathroom as well as in dressing areas, wet bars, game rooms, outdoor kitchens, and other rooms where an elegant, smooth surface is required. You can even install granite in a home office, den, or art studio as an easy-to-maintain, yet extremely luxurious looking, work surface. Browse these images and let your imagination soar!