Houston Granite Counter top

Have you fallen in love with granite countertops? Who hasn’t? Granite and marble are gorgeous stones that have passed the test of time. Not only are natural stone countertops visually appealing, natural stone is eco-friendly! Imagine outfitting your Houston home with granite countertops and knowing that your countertops will last a lifetime – and beyond!

If you need a general contractor who specializes in granite, you’ve come to the right place. Here at HoustonGraniteCountertop.com, we love working with natural stone! Among the many advantages of installing granite kitchen or bath counters are:

  • Aesthetics – The beauty of granite is what caught your attention in the first place, right? Granite comes in a myriad of colors with quartz, feldspar, and minerals intermingling into a unique form unlike any other. Like zebras and fingerprints, no two slabs of granite are identical. The intricate patterns and color combinations make a luxurious impact wherever granite countertops are installed. As if the granite weren’t already gorgeous, we offer a number of polishing techniques for a high gloss, rough textured, or unhoned look.

  • Durability – Granite countertops are extremely resilient. Granite, by its nature, is strong and heat resistant. It is nearly impossible to scratch. 

  • Maintenance – Granite countertops always look good! The pattern of the stonework conceals crumbs and water spots in between cleanings. However, because granite is so easy to clean, you’ll enjoy its beauty and its low maintenance requirements.

  • Affordability – Thinking of granite for your home in Houston? Granite countertops are more affordable than you may realize. As granite countertops have become more popular, quarrying and granite fabrication techniques have improved. Process and efficiency improvements have brought prices down to more affordable levels. You may even find that natural stone is less expensive than manmade alternatives.

  • Timeless elegance – Worried about installing granite countertops in your Houston home only to have granite go “out of style” soon after? Unlike the avocado green kitchen appliances of past decades, granite countertops never go out of style! Natural stone has a timeless elegance that always looks good and has since the beginning of mankind.

Why Choose Houston Granite Countertops from Katy Contractors?
We are a full service contracting company with a passion for natural stone such as granite and marble. Our contracting experience dates back to the mid-1980s. Having served the Houston area for decades, we are here to stay. Let our designers help you select a perfect slap of granite and design the most beautiful kitchen and vanity countertops you’ve ever imagined. Our craftsmen will do the rest.